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Logical Reasonings

A. You have less than one day left to take advantage of the flash sale on classes in Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. $300 off any qualifying class. But you only have until 9 am PT this Friday, June 16 to take advantage. And these classes start this weekend, so act now! Blueprint LSAT

B. Are you not a proud resident of LA, SD, Boston, NY, or DC, but want to take an LSAT class at a discounted rate? Well, you’re in luck then. We’re hosting two webinars we’re putting on Tuesday, June 27. If you RSVP and attend either webinar, you’ll get a $300 discount off our live course and a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. RSVP now, because space is limited! Blueprint LSAT

C. The jurors have been in deliberation at the Bill Cosby trial for four days now, and have just declared that they’re deadlocked. The judge told them to get back to deliberating.
NY Times

D. A new study put into stark relief just how wide the “justice gap” is in the U.S. 86% of all civil legal issues that low-income Americans face receive little to no legal assistance. ABA Journal

E. As the investigation into Russia, Trump, and alleged obstruction dominate the news cycle, the Senate continues to plug away at passing a massive health care bill that’s not exactly popular. FiveThirtyEight looked into why they’re doing this. The most compelling answer involves just following the money … FiveThirtyEight