Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. The Comey hearings have turned into quite the he-said-she-said affair. Trump has accused James Comey of lying under oath, and is willing to testify to this. Trump claims that he never asked Comey to drop the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn or pledge his loyalty. NY Times

    B. Vox has an interesting visual comparison of how news outlets across the political spectrum covered the Comey hearings. Vox

    C. While your office was watching the Comey testimony, btw, the Senate Republicans have been at work passing a modified version of the House health care bill. They may not have the votes to pass it yet, but they’re inching toward the goal line. Vox

    D. Across the pond, British Prime Minister Theresa May gambled on a snap election to consolidate power before negotiating the Brexit. But, oopsie doopsie, she ended up losing a bunch of seats in Parliament as a result—so many that her Conservative Party lost its majority. And now the process of leaving the EU is even more complicated. Washington Post

    E. And to all the June LSAT test takers, make sure to review this page on LSAC’s website about what the day of the test is going to look like for you. Be sure to be very clear on the (mostly ridiculous) list of things you can’t bring into your testing center, which includes such every day items as chronographic watches, beepers, mechanical erasers (?) or erasers with sleeves (on the LSAT, erasers must be as nude as on the day they were born), and weapons of any kind, but also more normal stuff life your cell phone, hats, handbags, pens, or earplugs. Best of luck! LSAC

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