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Logical Reasonings

A. Bad news for the legal system in popular culture. Fox has canceled You the Jury, a game show that has the audience decide verdicts to civil trials, after two comically low-rated episodes. If televised jury duty can’t work for Fox, I just don’t know what will. Deadline

B. More lawsuits at Fox News. This time a former guest alleges gender and disability discrimination from the embattled network. And with You the Jury off the air, Fox News will be unable to take this claim to their loyal viewers. NY Times

C. Airbnb, the popular online short-term room rental program, is smoothing over legal disputes with various cities, including San Francisco, much in the same way I had to smooth over disputes relating to broken chairs and wine stains with the last owner I rented from on the site. SF Chronicle

D. As Whittier Law School showed us, it’s scary out there for law schools outside the top tier, so a lot of the deans to those schools are using words like “innovate” and “disrupt” to try to stay competitive. Forbes

E. In a pair of tweets, Trump claimed the federal government could use a “good ‘shutdown'” in the same way a frustrated parent might say a rambunctious child needs a “good nap.” Washington Post