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Logical Reasonings

A. The Ninth Circuit has really been a bee in Trump’s bonnet lately, so he took to Twitter to offer some fighting words. In fact, he got so riled up he maybe forgot about the different between the lowest federal district courts and the intermediate federal circuit courts of appeals. Or maybe he never knew the difference. Either way, this is 1L stuff, Donald. NY Times

B. Meanwhile, White House officials unveiled an outline of its new tax plan. Read up on the changes, because the words “dramatic overhaul” are going to be used a lot to describe this. Washington Post

C. A new lawsuit alleges Fox News of racial discrimination. Apparently they were talking about skin tone when they said they were “fair.” Variety

D. Hopefully starting a trend of surprise scholarship drops as the new flex for musical artists, Beyoncé just announced a new scholarship for women pursuing degrees in creative arts, music, literature, or African-American studies at several universities. Beyoncé

E. Jonathan Demme, who directed one of the great lawyer movies in Philadelphia, has passed away at age 73. Hollywood Reporter