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Logical Reasonings

A. The not-so-magnificent seven? There are signs of inter-squad squabbles at SCOTUS. Sotomayor slammed fellow Justices in a dissent, arguing that the high court is going too easy on police by allowing lower courts to issue summary judgments in cases that allege police officers used excessive force. Vox

B. He fought for the wall, but the wall couldn’t be won. Trump is dropping his demand that the border wall be fund construction of the border wall as a condition to extend the federal government’s funding and avoid a government shutdown. NY Times

C. Working on a clampdown, House Oversight leaders Jason Chaffetz and the late poet e e cummings Elijah E. Cummings argued that Michael Flynn likely broke the law in failing to disclose the payment Flynn received to speak in Russia or lobby in Turkey when renewing his security license. Washington Post

D. Citing pressure from watchdogs and Democratic groups, the State Department removed a post on its website that appeared to promote the use of Trump’s “winter White House,” Mar-a-Lago, where Trump has frequently exerted remote control over the federal government. CNN

E. After a woman savagely broke up with a guy via a Spotify playlist, the meme de jour popping on the Internet is telling elaborate stories through playlists. Here are the best ones we’ve found. @corypalmer @NicSampson