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Logical Reasonings

A. Harkening back to an election scandal that seems like it was literally a million years ago, the Daily Mail settled the libel lawsuit brought by Melania Trump. The Daily Mail will cough up $2.9 million for alleging that Melania provided … ahem … meretricious services in the 90s. Wall Street Journal

B. A new wrinkle in the battle over Trump’s travel ban: several ACLU branches are suing the federal government to turn over documents relating to the ban’s implementation. Stay tuned for the appellate hearing next month. The Hill

C. ATL ponders if law school is too easy to get into. Does ANYONE studying for the LSAT right now agree? Above the Law

D. Here’s a list of private law schools that are providing the biggest discounts in the form of grants. US News & World Report

E. And harkening back to a meme that seems like it was literally a billion years ago, science has finally unwrapped the enigma of “the dress.” Slate