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Logical Reasonings

A. SCOTUS apparently has hazing rituals for new justices. No word yet on whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Samuel Alito will hold Gorsuch’s legs during the keg stand. Business Insider

B. FiveThirtyEight discusses how Trump has joined the long lineage of presidents who have gone from isolationist to interventionist. FiveThirtyEight

C. A surprisingly competitive special election for deep-red Kansas’s 4th District is underway, pitting Republican Ron Estes against Democrat James Thompson. Both sides are bringing out their heavy artillery, with Ted Cruz’s hollowed corpse and a special tweet from Trump showing up on the right, and, like, Daily Kos readers on the left. Washington Post

D. The battle for the soul of your iPhone (well, technically the battle over licensing fees for chips used to connect your iPhone to LTE networks) rages on, as Qualcomm fires back with counterclaims against Apple. CNET

E. GTL: Gym, Tax Evasion, Laundering. Mike Sorrentino of Jersey Shore infamy faces a four-year prison sentence for tax evasion and fraud. Quite The Legal Situation he finds himself in. “Police cabs are here!” OK, we’ll stop.