Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. We told you yesterday about a U of Minn law professor who’d been arrested on charges of stalking and sexual assault. He’s been identified, and there’s more to the story. Star Tribune

    B. Shouty jerk Jim Cramer played the stock market to pay for law school. Use his method, and you too can be a shouty jerk. CNBC

    C. Bill Maher has taken credit for the rapid demise of alt-right British bomb thrower Milo Yiablahbittyblah. Not so fast, Bill. Whoever said there are no second acts didn’t see a reality TV loudmouth become POTUS. The Chicago Tribune

    D. Meghan Trainor is about to drop a new single. How much you want to bet it’s about how awesome she is and how she doesn’t need anyone? radio.com

    E. Oh, good. The Daily Banter

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