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Logical Reasonings

A. So, apparently PEOTUS is considering Kanye for Secretary of Irrational Meltdowns. Vox

B. So, you asked your favorite professor for a letter of recommendation, only to find out that he/she is a complete flake who doesn’t care whether you go to law school or go to… well, you know. Here’s some advice. US News & World Report

C. The bar passage rate in California is abysmal, and it comes at a time when the ABA is cracking down on accredited law schools with low passage rates. The Recorder

D. Mick Jagger is expecting another child. He is 73, meaning that when his kid is old enough to toss the football, the old man will be fertilizing grass in a glitzy cemetery. Slate

E. There has been some grumbling that Apple isn’t the amazing corporate wonder it once was. Will 2017 bring renewal? c|net