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Logical Reasonings

A. Turns out that Hillary Clinton’s supposedly aloof demeanor is at least partly the result of a traumatic experience at the crossroads of sexism and the LSAT. What?? Perez Hilton

B. Looks like law school applications continue to shrink, and the slowdown of lawyers entering the workforce has opened up more opportunities for new grads. Great news for you, aspiring lawyer! WisBar

C. Not to get too morbid right before the weekend, but here’s a fascinating article on what end-of-life looks like. The Atlantic

D. Here’s the latest in the absolute dumpster fire that is also known as Fox News. The Daily Kos

E. Apple has been roundly mocked for citing “courage” as its motivation for removing the headphone jack from iPhone 7. Here’s Steve Jobs on the topic a few years back. Business Insider