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Logical Reasonings

A. ‘Member how we told you that Trump’s running mate, Indian Gov. Mike Pence, drew law school-related cartoons in law school? Here they are, and we can all agree that it’s good Gov. Pence didn’t quit his day job. The Daily Dot

B. Here’s a nice story about a program that funds soldiers’ law school educations. NW Guardian

C. Actress Charlize Theron let her son dress up as Elsa from Frozen. Some people are upset about that. Ace Showbiz

D. Studies show that a 3-day workweek maximizes worker productivity. Don’t expect your boss to make the 4-day weekend a permanent office fixture anytime soon, though. The Daily Kos

E. You may think saying this to a professor will help you succeed. It will backfire. Slate