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Logical Reasonings

A. NFL legend Lynn Swann — a man who’s name is nearly 50% n’s — will take over as USC Athletics Director. The Los Angeles Times

B. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has slathered a bit of lipstick on a real pig of a law. USA Today

C. The Philly Cheesesteak just got a little tastier thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Mmmmm, cheesesteak. CBS News

D. In a bit of perhaps too-honest explanation, the Porcellian Club — a 225-year-old Harvard secret society — has explained that it can’t admit women because its members might not be able to restrain themselves from sexually assaulting female members. Say what? Mother Jones

E. And here are some very cool surrealist paintings by Polish artist Igor Morski. Bored Panda