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Logical Reasonings

A. Wake Forest Law School makes it explicit: you are a walking LSAT score, and you’ll never be anything more than that. Above the Law

B. Your GF says she’s going to Syria to join ISIS. Do you: a) follow her, b) dump her, or c) engage in serious self-examination regarding your relationship choices? Correct answer is c; this moron chose a. NBC News

C. A suspicious letter laced with white powder was sent to Donald Trump’s son, Eric. Authorities said they were unable to identify the substance because, by the time they arrived on scene, the younger Trump had snorted it all through a $100,000 bill. When reached for comment, Eric Trump said, “I’ve had better. ABC News

D. Here’s a list of fifteen iOS apps that are free for download today only. You’re very welcome. BGR

E. In more iPhone news, Apple is about to make my damn iPhone 6 obsolete before I’ve even paid it off. Mac Rumors