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Logical Reasonings

A. This Emory Law School professor is sure that a top 20 law school is going to shut down in the next few years. She seems to be implying pretty strongly that it’s Minnesota. Forbes

B. Bowing to pressure that got dialed up to 11 after the release of Black Fish, Sea World will cease captive breeding of Orcas as well as live Orca shows.San Jose Mercury News

C. Some engineers at Apple have intimated that they might not comply with a judicial order to unlock an iPhone. Maybe they don’t know what happens to engineers in jail, but it ain’t pretty. Mac Rumors

D. So… There’s a new Pee-wee Herman movie. Yep. People

E. Ever wondered how they dye the Chicago River for St. Paddy’s every year? No? We didn’t either, but this is still a cool article. Mental Floss