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Logical Reasonings

A) Now on sale: Blueprint LSAT Prep’s online course for the October 2015 LSAT. Get it while it’s hot! (“It” being the weather, obviously. Our courses are always hot.) Blueprint LSAT

B) 1. Apparently Busta Rhymes is still around. 2. He’s in the news this week for throwing a protein drink at a gym employee. MTV

C) Regarding putting low-security prisons on islands: “But if you’re going to do that, either pick an island pretty far from land or don’t give the inmates surfboards.” Yep. Lowering the Bar

D) As long as you’re not living under a rock, you probably heard that there was a Republican debate last night. Here’s how it went. NPR

E) Watch Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show. *Single tear.* The Daily Show