Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A) In defense of J.D. Advantage employment (by the Assistant Dean for Career Services at Penn State’s Dickinson Law). Huffington Post

    B) Great news for Elle Woods: You can now get an LL.M. in Fashion Law from Fordham. Above the Law

    C) Most unlikely headline subject matter of the week, thanks to the Supreme Court: Raisins. Washington Post

    D) You know the sinking feeling you get when you realize you just sent that email to the wrong “John” in your contacts? Gmail is here to save you with their new “Undo Send” feature. Gizmodo

    E) Have you ever wondered what the Jurassic World trailer would look life if all the dinosaurs in it were replaced with Dachshunds? No? Well, you can find out anyway. Canine Distractions

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