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Logical Reasonings

A) Don’t lose the reader in the first sentence of your personal statement. jdMission

B) A law prof explores changes in the bar exam over the sixty years, and wonders if the Uniformed Bar Exam is doing its job. Above the Law

C) The FCC declares net neutrality! Take one second to celebrate, then prepare for Congress and/or ISP’s to challenge the ruling for the next gazillion years. Gizmodo

D) Here’s what women could afford if it weren’t for the gender pay gap. Sure, but then what could mean afford?! (Oh, right, all the same things.) Washington Post

E) Llamas on the lloose! <-- A headline you will see on the local news tonight. But seriously, two llamas got loose and helicopters followed the chase to bring them in and it's all online. AREN'T YOU GLAD THE NET IS NETURAL?! Slate