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Logical Reasoning

A. Trump sensibly (but not exactly promptly) waived the obscure World War I-era Jones Act, which will allow faster shipments of much needed resources to Puerto Rico. NY Times

B. The Supreme Court is set to hear a case about an Illinois public employee, and may strike down laws that authorize mandatory fees to public-sector unions. LA Times

C. Related? Gallup shows that GOP approval for the Supreme Court is on the rise, while Democratic approval is on the downswing. Gallup

D. Speaking of SCOTUS, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dropped some bars on sexism’s role in the 2016 election to Charlie Rose. Washington Post

E. A child wrote an adorable letter to the court handling Toys R Us’s bankruptcy proceeding. Unfortunately, the letter is completely devoid of legal analysis, and will be summarily tossed out of the cold, unfeeling federal court system. CNBC