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Law School Finals Are Over. Hurray. I Think.


Finals are done. It feels so good to type that, I’m going to go ahead and do it again. Finals are done. Finished.

Observing the GChat status and Facebook updates of my law school friends lead to me to believe that right now I should be feeling “free”. Or better yet, “Freeeeeeeeeeee”. Or possibly even “FREEEEEEEE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 AHHHHHHH!!!!! FREEEEEEEDOMMMMM”. But it’s not just my hatred of emoticons that keeps me from professing this feeling to the world, I’m also not so sure it would be accurate. Unless, of course, “free” is actually a synonym for “Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. That would be spot on.

Seriously though, it is as if I’ve actually lost a month of my life, and I can’t really describe where it went or what happened during it. Unfortunately, describing what happened is pretty much what I’m paid the big bucks to do, so I’ll have to try my best. Even though I may need extensive counseling to repair the damage that results from delving back into the horror this soon. Does anyone know if bloggers can get workers comp?

Luckily, since finals are all I’ve known this past month, it’s all you will be reading about for a while. At least until next semester starts. So this week and next enjoy my story of the quest that started so bright and promising, yet plunged into such tragic darkness. (As you can imagine, it will include absolutely no exaggeration or Meyer-esq literary flourishes)

Phase One

Captain’s Log- Day 1

Classes end and the rest of December stretches out before me, marred only by a handful of finals, cushioned with days upon days that are to be devoted entirely to studying. And study I will. As of now, my classmates and I all have blank slates, so everyone is going to be working as hard as they can to come out on top when grades are released. I’m prepared to rise to the challenge.

I decide I need some musical inspiration, and download “What a Feeling” to get pumped. That’s right, I think, What a feelin’… I can have it all. I can really have it all. Perfect, I’m ready to go. Although I do wish I had some leg warmers and a perm….

The day is clear and cold. I bundle myself up in full winter regalia, and enjoy the pleasant holiday vibe in the city as I walk to and from the law school library. The library itself feels cozy, and I settle into my carrel content, looking forward to the day of reviewing information. I like to read, I like to learn and I like case law. I figure that the next month, while maybe not actually enjoyable, shouldn’t be so bad.

Captain’s log- Day 2 though 6

Studying is progressing as planned. I have created a comprehensive tort outline, and can supply the basic facts and legal conclusion of any case in my book. My study group remains productive, and I feel like I have a good grasp of the material. Plus, I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly and even made it to a few Yoga classes. Body and mind, check and check.

Captain’s log- Day 7

First final done. Feel like it went well. Got a few drinks with friends afterwards, figured I needed a little treat. Still got to bed by a reasonable hour, as I didn’t want to loose a day of studying because of a hangover. Fall asleep thinking that people really exaggerated this whole finals thing.

Phase Two

Captain’s Log- Day 8

I wake up, and these old bones remind me that I’m not as young as I used to be. Even my conservative drinking has left me feeling a little raggedy. It’s pretty mild though, so I pop an Advil, and get ready to head to the library. Still have a couple hard finals in front of me, and I know I need to work if I want to do well.

As I set up in the library, I wonder why I never noticed quite how harsh the lighting is. And what is that buzzing noise? And why does that guy on the other end of the row keep sniffling? Seriously dude, get a freaking box of Kleenex or something, you are grossing me out. And what is with casebooks using such thin paper? I mean, the paper not only feels weird, but a highlighter bleeds straight through. Do you know how annoying that is?

Realizing that I was one “Serenity now” from becoming a Seinfeld character, I make myself calm down and get back to the studying. But it wasn’t easy. That comfy feeling of the past week was gone, instead replaced by a vague sense of annoyance and dissatisfaction. Although I hoped that it was only because of going out the night before and the stress of having one final done, there was a piece of me that was wondering if maybe this was the turning point, and that finals weren’t going to turn out as pleasantly as I had hoped.

How’s that for foreshadowing? Tune in next week for The Final’s Saga Part 2: Sh*t Hits the Fan.