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Latest Addition to the Blueprint Website: Free LSAT Help

It’s impossible to write a post like this without it sounding like a car commercial, but here goes:

Blueprint LSAT Prep is proud to announce the latest addition to our website. It features dozens of articles that cover every step of the law school admissions process and includes a free LSAT licensed by LSAC that anyone can download, take and score — as well as view video explanations for every LSAT question.

Test-drive the free LSAT help area today.

The LSAT we have teed up for your best hack is the June 2007 exam. After you provide your answers, our innovative scoring analytics will not only tell you how well you performed but will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses so that you can tailor your LSAT prep to fit your needs. And every question on the LSAT comes with a free video explanation — each of which was designed by our team of artists and animators and narrated by company co-founders Trent Teti and Matt Riley. Take a gander at the free practice LSAT page.

Don’t forget to also check out the free LSAT help articles. The LSAT Basics section of our free LSAT help area covers (among other things) LSAT scores, LSAT dates, and what is on the LSAT. The Advanced LSAT section tackles more complex issues like the LSAT curve, changes to LSAT reading comprehension, and the myth that some LSATs are easier than others. The Law School Admissions section discusses important pre-law topics like the importance of LSAT scores, tips for acquiring the best law school letters of recommendation, and when’s the best time to apply. Finally, the Law School and Beyond section fills you in on the importance of first-year law school grades, the truth about transferring law schools, and the tenacity of law students.

If this was a car commercial, this is the part where the narrator would talk about financing for well-qualified buyers. Well I don’t have to do that because our free LSAT help area isn’t a $50,000 Mercedes. It isn’t even a $1,000 LSAT prep course.

It’s free LSAT help for anyone who wants free LSAT help.

*Professional driver. Closed course.