Last Chance to Register for Tomorrow’s Webinars on the LSAT and Law School Admissions!

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    Listen up! We’ve got some free stuff coming your way. And who doesn’t like free stuff? We’re bringing you two webinars tomorrow, June 27. It’s a chance for you to see one of our instructors in action and learn about law school admissions and the LSAT.

    If you attend either webinar, you’ll get $300 off a Blueprint in-person class or $75 off your first month of the Blueprint online class. These webinars are an online version of the same seminars we put on live across the country—except the webinar version doesn’t include any Blueprint lollipops or bottle openers.

    Jot this down:

    Law School Admissions Webinar: 6/27, 11AM-12PM PDT

    One of our most experienced instructors will take you through the law school admission process in this webinar. You’ll get answers on how your GPA is calculated (yes, we know how to deal with your semester abroad), how to ask for a recommendation letter, how to go about writing a personal statement, when you should apply, and what law schools you should consider.

    Branden Frankel, your instructor for the morning session, scored a monster 175 on his LSAT and has been prepping law-school hopefuls for over five years. But wait there’s more! Branden actually graduated from UCLA law and was a practicing patent attorney. So you’ll be in good hands as you learn all about the law school admissions process.

    LSAT Webinar: 6/27, 5PM-6PM PDT

    Just as you get a chance to come down from the excitement (fear?) of Branden’s webinar, we’ll be hosting our LSAT webinar. Here you will learn all the basics about the LSAT and its function in the law school admissions process. We’ll show you what the LSAT covers, how it is scored, and just how important the LSAT is for your admissions chances. Finally, you will also get your chance to tackle a few real LSAT questions and see how a pro would do the same. Spoiler: it’s magic; he uses magic.

    Nick McIntosh will be your LSAT magician for this session. Nick scored a humble 172 on his LSAT (brush the shoulders off) and has been teaching the LSAT for over three years. Plus! His grandma says he’s a really nice guy.

    You have to be some kind of jerk to turn down free stuff. It’s all going down tomorrow. Get your free lecture on the law school admissions process, your free LSAT lesson, and DISCOUNTS!

    But space is limited. We only have so much bandwidth and discounts to give out. So, you have to register in advance to attend our webinars. Many of our classes for the September LSAT will begin in July, so come preview the Blueprint approach and cut yourself a break on our sticker prices.

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