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Last Chance: Sign Up for a Summer Blueprint LSAT Course

The majority of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s summer classes for the September LSAT kicked off this weekend, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to sign up.

And don’t forget about Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course, which will be open for enrollment for a few more weeks.

If you prefer our classroom course, here’s a rundown of the most recent Blueprint LSAT Prep classes that have started. The final seats will fill up fast, so hurry and sign up for (instructor in parenthesis):

Washington DC LSAT Prep 2 (Mithun Selvaratnam)

Davis LSAT Prep (Daniel Austin)

Phoenix LSAT Prep (Dylan Gadek)

Long Island LSAT Prep (Jason Ethridge)

Berkeley LSAT Prep 3 (Robert Seaney)

Arlington LSAT Prep (Shayela Hassan)

New York LSAT Prep 2 (Akilesh Ayyar)

Long Beach LSAT Prep (Michael Galdes)

Fullerton LSAT Prep (Thomas Molloy)

San Diego LSAT Prep 2 (Nick McIntosh)

Houston LSAT Prep (Sam Huang)

Riverside LSAT Prep (Gerry Hirschfeld)

Brooklyn LSAT Prep (Dan Curtin)

Dallas LSAT Prep (Mark Kao)

Chicago LSAT Prep (Patrick Moore)

New Haven LSAT Prep (Jason Ethridge)

Sacramento LSAT Prep (Daniel Austin)

Tucson LSAT Prep (Dylan Gadek)

Atlanta LSAT Prep (Zach Pelchat)

Philadelphia LSAT Prep (Hagana Kim)

Irvine LSAT Prep 2 (Jay Donnell)

Boston LSAT Prep (Laura Santoski)

USC LSAT Prep 2 (Albert Huber)

Northridge LSAT Prep 2 (Branden Frankel)

UCLA LSAT Prep 4 (Spencer Robins)

Pasadena LSAT Prep 2 (Ross Rinehart)

Seattle LSAT Prep (Chris van Elk)

Find out more about all of our summer instructors.

If you’re interested in seeing what Blueprint LSAT Prep has to offer, sign up for a free myBlueprint account. You can even take and score your own actual LSAT.

If nothing else, shoot us an email at or call 888-4-BP-PREP, and we’d love to tell you more about our LSAT prep courses — or sign you up.

Good luck on the September LSAT!