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Katie Holmes: Scientology Nightmare to Law School Dream

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend all your downtime from the LSAT keeping up on the hottest celebrity gossip. So you were probably as excited as we were when you read on the infinitely-reliable and relevant Showbiz Spy that recent divorcee Katie Holmes is maybe heading to law school. Maybe!

The gossip website scored a hot interview with everyone’s favorite famous celebrity insider: “a source.” Mr(s). Source claims that everyone’s favorite Scientology apostate is now headed to the welcoming arms of law school. Holmes’ father is a lawyer, and they’re even thinking of going into practice together! Sound fishy? Well, it shouldn’t. This all came from “a source!” And with sentences like “Sources say the actress — who last year divorce [sic] Tom Cruise — is planning a career change away from “acting” and spellings like “in-terest,” we know we’re dealing with journalistic integrity of the highest degree.

The question is, should Katie Holmes pursue her JD dreams?

Well, if she can survive a fake marriage to the world’s most powerful Scientologist, she can probably survive three years of law school. And she can certainly afford unlimited LSAT tutoring. She also wants to be a strong role model for her daughter, and “successful lawyer” fits that bill a lot better than “arranged marriage participant.” So if she really wants to, we say go for it. It’ll be hard for Hollywood to lose such a prolific Teen Choice Award winner, but life will go on.

But what do you guys think? Is Katie Holmes heading to law school? Where should she go? What would her LSAT score be? Or should she just continue to use this free time to practice Scientology in peace?