June 2015 LSAT Scores Released

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    Yesterday was a big day in LSAT World, as the scores for the June 2015 LSAT were released late in the day.

    Here’s how the curve broke down:
    -10 for a 170
    -26 for a 160
    -44 for a 150

    This means that you could’ve missed 10 questions and gotten a 170, and so on and so forth. Also of note is the fact that it was not possible to get a 179, 175, or a 122 on this exam.

    As far as curves go, this isn’t the toughest curve we’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not the most lenient either – on some exams, you could miss as many as 14 questions and get a 170. Now, this doesn’t mean that LSAC decided to be a jerk and make it especially hard for June test-takers to score well. The curve is a reflection of the overall difficulty of the exam, so a lenient curve (along the lines of -14) means that the test was especially tough, while a less lenient curve (like this one!) means that the test was relatively easy overall – though we recognize that it likely didn’t feel that way.

    So, June test-takers, how did you do? And what did you think of that curve?

    Stay tuned to the blog next week, because we’ll be analyzing the test right here!

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