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June 2010 LSAT Recap Blog Carnival

BPPmss-lsat-blog-blarnivalThat’s right, kiddies, it’s that time again: the post-LSAT Blog Carnival. We’ve trolled the interconnected tubes and webs for any and all LSAT recaps and reactions. The reviews were…mixed.

“A six hour brain humping courtesy of the law school admissions council.” This blogger’s post was pithy, but it is, if not a “good” tone to start off, at least an indicative one.

Christian declines to state how his LSAT went, but instead focuses on what his ideal testing experience would have been: Augustine of Hippo cooking him a good breakfast of scones and Jesus sitting next to him in the testing center supplying him answers. Oh, and Bono was there. Here’s hoping that some day this psychedelic LSAT dream can become a reality.

In the Cushman Chronicles a self-professed “Jesus freak” took the LSAT and found the most challenging parts to be sitting and waiting for things to begin. And then, as is the same for many people, his thoughts turned toward the metaphysical and existential as he left the test center.

This blogger is cautiously optimistic about the LSAT and is now finding ways to kill time and keep busy until scores arrive, which can be an absurdly long time when you consider that it’s just a scantron.

Claire took the LSAT on Monday after her hopes of being a career Lego builder were dashed. On her way to the test center, her playlist as she was driving garnered her some ridicule from pedestrians. She also had a woman run out of her testing center screaming and crying during hour 4 of the test, which is always exciting.

All in all, mixed reactions to the LSAT. With some time to think about it, are you feeling better about your own test? Worse? Let us know.