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July LSAT Scores Are Over a Month Away: What to Do in the Meantime


You did it! The hard part is over. The studying, the agonizing, the making new-best-friends with a couple of fetchingly designed spiral-bound LSAT guides. All that’s behind you now. Rest in pieces, July LSAT. Can I hear a “wahoo”?

But now what? Scores aren’t due back for another six weeks. How are you supposed to fill your days if not by thinking about the LSAT?? We have a couple of suggestions.

1. Start looking ahead to law school applications

Now that you’ve made it to the calm after the storm, you can jump into preparing yourself for the nitty-gritty of applying to law school. Oh boy!!! Cue the confetti and balloon-drop.

It’s a bummer, but it’s true. It’s time to start curating your potential list of schools. Blueprint’s free account has a handy tool that you can use to compare how your GPA and (future) LSAT scores line up with different law schools’ average stats. While you should absolutely do more than play the numbers (so to speak), a little statistical guidance can help winnow your list down to a manageable number to really start digging into.

2. Make up your mind about what to do with your July exam results

You could, of course, also think about the test you just took. We’ve talked before about the particular benefits of the July test: not only do you have the option of canceling your score after you see it (a unique advantage!), you also have the chance to retake the test for no cost.

So take some time to think about what you’d do with different results. What’s the magic number that will let you shake the LSAT dust off of your hands forever? What’s the score range that will let you feel comfortable, but might not rule out a retake? Keep in mind that law schools don’t hold multiple LSAT scores against applicants when you’re mulling this over, but if your score doesn’t put you in the 25-75% LSAT score range for your top choices, you may want to strongly consider taking LSAC up on their free retake offer.


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If you just can’t let go of the excitement of studying for the LSAT (and who could blame you?), you can start looking ahead to the next testing period. Now that you’ve had some first-hand experience with the exam, there’s no more surprises. Test-day jitters? From you? Not anymore! You know what to expect from this exam now. Not just the content, but the presentation. You’ve faced the beast and come out the other side stronger.

Now that the mystique is gone, there’s less to be afraid of. Without the nebulous fear of “but what will the test really be like” hanging over your head, it’s easier to focus on concrete concepts.

4. For real, though — relax

Before you do anything else on this list, take some time for yourself. You finished a gruelling exam. Let yourself have some breathing room. Text some friends. Catch up on Stranger Things. Maybe even think about scrolling through Twitter without dissecting every poorly thought-out argument. It’s probably not a great idea to let all of your hard-gotten LSAT knowledge wither, but after what you’ve been through? You deserve a week or two sunning at the poolside. The LSAT — or law school itself — will be there when you’re done.