How You Can Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now

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    So you pulled the trigger and registered for the June LSAT. Things are starting to get real, but it ain’t no thang – you’ve signed up for that LSAT prep course. (You’re taking Blueprint, right?). Last we checked, it’s not anywhere close to June yet (thanks a lot, polar vortex), but still, maybe you can’t help but feel antsy. For those of you looking for a bit of a head start, here are four key things you can do now before your LSAT prep course begins this spring:

    How to Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now I: Read all the things!
    Reading and processing information is a foundational skill on the LSAT, so the more of this you do, the better. Content-wise, the LSAT draws from a wide range of subjects and disciplines, so aim for more variety than, say, your ex’s Twitter feed. Our advice: just read everything — The Wall Street Journal, Wikipedia, The Onion, Marcel Proust, product labels (speaking of, what is methochloroisothiazolinone, and what is it doing in my shampoo?).

    How to Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now II: Finish personal projects
    Studying for the LSAT can be a huge drain on your free time. Not only can the LSAT cut into your personal projects, even worse, working on personal projects can cut into your study time. So our advice is to get that stuff out of the way now. Whether it’s knocking out a research paper that’s due in May, building the kegerator in your friend’s basement, or finally beating Halo on legendary difficulty, get it done before class starts in April and the study time really starts to pile up.

    How to Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now III: Get it all out of your system
    This goes hand in hand with the above. Studying for the LSAT requires a lot of time and mental energy, so your social life is going to take a hit. (The alternative is trying to do LSAT Logic Games on a two-day hangover, which does not sound like our definition of fun). Since you’re bound to be going out less once class is in full swing, do it now! Go to Paddy McDivebar once (or twice) more, throw a “Beer Olympics,” or plan that Spring Break trip to Cabo. If you’re not libationally-inclined, host that epic movie marathon you’ve always wanted to have with your friends. Whatever it is, get it out of your system. When your LSAT class starts this spring, you’ll feel content knowing that you’ve had your fun, allowing you to fully focus on your quest for LSAT domination.

    How to Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now IV: Pick up The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games
    Okay, we get it – you’re itching to do actual LSAT questions, like now. But don’t jump off the deep end and immediately start studying 20 hours per week (that, friends, is a recipe for burnout). The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is a great place to start, especially since games are typically the LSAT section that beginners find to be the most daunting. Thumb through this book, get some extra practice in, and by the time your LSAT prep course starts in April, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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