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How Would They Have Scored on the LSAT: American Idol Series Finale Edition


While the media is abuzz with the series finale of American Idol, we here at Blueprint remain hung-up on a decidedly nerdier aspect of the show: how’d the AI titans perform on the LSAT? We’ve dug deep, and report our findings below.

America’s Girl, AKA Paula Abdul

With talents and vocations ranging from Laker Girl to pop star to judge, it should come as no surprise that Paula Abdul straight up rocked the LSAT. She credits her 176 to the weeks she spent drilling fundamentals and combing through Economist articles to prep for Reading Comp.

Dick Clark-bot ver. 2.0, AKA Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest, his teachers say, failed to live up to his potential. He’s not the first, and surely wont be the last, to have a panic attack halfway through a Logic Games section. After learning that the game he’d lined up incorrectly was part of the Experimental Section, a devastated Seacrest abandoned lawyering altogether.

The Insufferable Brit, AKA Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell just couldn’t get over the hump. He pulled a 159 on his LSAT, improving only four points from his diagnostic test. His instructors aren’t in the least bit surprised: He kept telling them why the LSAC’s answers were wrong and refused to drill Logic Games.

J-(EL)LO, AKA Jennifer Lopez

Unsurprisingly, humps did not pose a problem for Jennifer Lopez. She cruised to a 166, struggling only with Soft Must Be True questions. Dubbed Jenny of the Clock, she is rumored to have completed her Reading Comprehension section in less than 18 minutes.

The Creepy Wig-Wearing Space Alien, AKA Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler woke up wearing no clothes in a run-down motel in Bangkok on the day of the exam. Hence, he did not get a score.

R-Dawg, AKA Randy Jackson

We haven’t yet procured Randy Jackson’s LSAT history – feel free to fabricate it below!