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How to Study for the February LSAT on Super Bowl Sunday

The countdown to the February LSAT continues. You only have eight days left, so make them count.

Unfortunately, one of those days is Super Bowl Sunday. You’ll have to consider how to arrange your LSAT prep accordingly, but first, pause to consider the advantages you have over the players on the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens: You won’t have to spend a whole day dealing with the media in the lead-up to LSAT test day. Taking the LSAT is exceedingly unlikely to give you a concussion. If you get sick right after your most accurate LSAT practice test ever, your backup isn’t going to come in and take your job as starting LSAT test taker. If you get injured while prepping for the February LSAT, deer antler spray isn’t going to help you (though it might make up for all the showers you’ve missed). A similarity, too: it’s wise to defer questions about your contract status (where you’re going to law school) until after game day.

And there’s one big difference: There’s a good chance you want to watch the Super Bowl, whereas only your proctors want to watch you take the LSAT. So you’ll have to figure out how to work your studying around the big game. February LSAT test day is coming up too soon to just forget about the LSAT on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s your plan: Study hard tomorrow. It’s Groundhog Day, but the only shadow you should look for is the one your pencil makes on your desk as you bubble answers. Sunday, take an LSAT practice test in the morning. Start it early enough that you’ll have some chance to review it before the game. If it goes well, celebrate by Kaepernicking. Then relax. Forget about the LSAT and enjoy the game. One thing: don’t imbibe excessively. You’ll need to be in good physical shape for the final five days of LSAT prep.

And finally, stay away from any and all prop bets.