How to Spend Your LSAT Eve

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    It’s that time folks: LSAT Eve.

    In celebration, you should be doing exactly the opposite of what you’d be doing if this was a Biology exam: NOTHING. There’s no cramming allowed because you know the concepts, the logic, and the method, so today is a time to unwind a bit. You’ve earned it.

    For many of you, that may involve heading to the mall for some early Christmas shopping.

    For others, that may involve heading to the mall to make fun of some early Christmas shoppers. Look at ‘em. It’s simply too early to be wearing reindeer antlers.

    If neither people-watching nor commercialism is really your shtick, I’ve heard Interstellar was great. I’d also recommend this video of Chucky scaring PT commuters.

    Watch it, eat your heart out on buttery popcorn, then go home and whip up your favorite meal and eat your heart out some more. Maybe afterwards you can finally pick up the didgeridoo, as you’ve been no doubt been meaning to do for years. Your studies are over; you’ve got the time.

    Make sure that once your neighbors shut you up by smashing your didg over the hood of your car, you get a great night’s sleep. Eat a solid breakfast in the morning, then go out and do as you practiced. Negate the necessaries, check your rules, and take the time to diagram. Godspeed.

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