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How to Handle the Weekend Before the October LSAT

For those keeping score at home, there is almost exactly a week before the October LSAT. That means that, for October LSAT test-takers, this is your last weekend of studying.

So what’s that mean?

This weekend is an excellent chance to take a practice LSAT that replicates LSAT test day conditions as closely as possible. Get a good night’s sleep. Wake up at the time you’ll have to wake up for the real deal. Eat a hearty breakfast (or whatever breakfast you plan on eating next weekend – but something more substantial than coffee and cigarettes is recommended). If you can get into your October LSAT testing center and take a practice LSAT there, so much the better; if not, go to the library or some other spot that isn’t in your house or apartment, and take a practice LSAT there. Doing an LSAT “dry run” can really help with nerves on the Big Day because everything will seem that much more familiar.

As for the other day of this weekend, I never recommend taking back-to-back practice LSATs, so try to restrain yourself from doing practice LSATs on both Saturday and Sunday (difficult, I know, given how enjoyable they are). Instead, spend the other day of your weekend really cracking down on anything that gave you issues in your most recent practice LSAT. Still a little confused about diagramming? Now’s your time to drill those diagramming keywords into your brain. Struggling with the LSAT Reading Comprehension sections? Work through some passages while thinking about how you can improve your technique to get more questions right.

And by the way, if you have not yet assembled the things you’ll need for LSAT test day, this weekend is the perfect time to do so. Don’t leave the administrative stuff until the last minute!

Above all, stay calm! You might feel that there are a million things you still need to study, but realize that that feeling is perfectly normal; almost no one feels completely ready for the LSAT by the time they take it, but hey, you’ll have to get it over with at some point. Also, fluctuations in practice LSAT scores are normal, so if your LSAT score suddenly dips, don’t panic; give yourself a day to drill your weaknesses, then take another practice LSAT and see if your score bounces back to normal.

You may not have a whole lot of fun this weekend, but in just over a week, you’ll have time for all the fun in the world. So until then, keep working hard, stay calm no matter what, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers every now and then!