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How Technology Will Help You in the Legal Job Market

Technology isn’t going anywhere. Just about every law student in the country has at least a laptop and a smartphone. As the years continue to roll on, so too will the use of technology in the field of law. Tasks that used to take days and an army of attorneys, such as document review, now take far less time and manpower thanks to the use of assistive technology. It may seem as though technology is squeezing the legal market even further. For those savvy enough to prepare, this need not be the case.

While some may look at technology as the enemy, it is those who decide to make friends with it that will thrive. Knowing how to make efficient use of the software employed by law firms in executing their tasks is a sure way to make oneself an asset. In other words, while in law school, or at a summer job, it would behoove you to learn everything you can about assisted document review and other uses of assistive software in the legal context.

On a related note, those looking to maintain employment will have to learn to be nimble. Sticking with a firm is no longer the only way to ensure employment. Working for the companies who provide the technology to law firms is another way to find employment in the legal field. You may have to rethink your dreams of being a world-class litigator (as many do) and instead focus on assisting those who already are.

Regardless of career path, the best way for a young (or aspiring) lawyer to make sure she has a place in a technology-ruled marketplace is to be as familiar with technology as possible. Whereas most law students come from humanities-related undergraduate fields, those who pursue a course of study that involves technology will have a leg up in the future. The ease with which those students can maneuver in the evolving tech-dominated marketplace will serve them well in their careers.