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How LSAT Prep is Like an NFL Training Camp

It’s almost August, which means two things: NFL teams have reported to training camp, and Blueprint’s LSAT prep classes for the October LSAT are underway. Even though you don’t need to show up to your first LSAT class in game shape, and you won’t ever be penalized $2 million for failing to show up to “optional” LSAT team workouts, there are some parallels between the two.

How LSAT Prep is Like an NFL Training Camp I: You have to learn the playbook

NFL offenses have notoriously large playbooks. Memorizing their contents is no easy task for the players. But it’s an important one: if you don’t know the plays, you’ll have trouble staying on the field. Studying for the LSAT doesn’t involve nearly as much memorization, fortunately for you. But think of it as building a playbook. It’s not enough just to understand the concepts; you also need to figure out the steps you’ll take to respond to anything you encounter on the LSAT.

How LSAT Prep is Like an NFL Training Camp II: Don’t read too much into preseason results

Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles went undefeated in the preseason, winning all four games they played. They then went 4-12 in the regular season. The Atlanta Falcons turned a 1-3 preseason record into a trip to the NFC championship game. In other words, the preseason has very limited predictive value.

So it goes for your first couple LSAT practice tests. Don’t read too much into the results. If the LSAT score is lower than you hoped or expected, don’t let it get you down. You’ll have to do the work but you can improve it. And if the LSAT score is better than you expected, don’t let yourself get complacent. You have work to do, too, lest you end up like the Eagles (the team, not the band).

How LSAT Prep is Like an NFL Training Camp III: Fine tune as you go along

Early in the preseason, NFL teams give a lot of playing time to players who won’t spend much if any time playing in the regular season. They’re trying to figure out who makes the roster and who doesn’t. The eventual starters generally see little playing time in the first preseason game. But the goal is for the team to be entirely ready to go by the first regular season game, even if NFL teams never really reveal all that they can do in preseason games. The LSAT is a little bit different: you need to review your last few LSAT practice tests as if they were a real game. Your goal is to get ready for the regular season, but whereas NFL teams are getting ready for a 16-game regular season, you’re looking to show all you can do on the LSAT in four short hours one Saturday morning in October.

We wish you good luck in your October LSAT studies. And enjoy the NFL preseason if you can. One final word of advice: if you’re gambling on preseason football games, it means you might have a problem.