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How an LSAT Prep Instructor Approaches the October LSAT

The October LSAT is a week from Saturday, which is big news for a lot of you guys out there. It’s also big news for me, since I’ll be joining in the festivities. That’s right: good ol’ Colin Elzie is retaking the LSAT for a third time.

Why? Well, the last time I took the test was three years ago, which means my LSAT score is going to start expiring for some law schools. I don’t have any immediate plans to apply to law school, but I like having the option there just in case. I’m also just looking forward to getting to sit for a real test once again. Knowing that I’m probably not applying to law school this year means there’s very little pressure, so I’m more excited than anything else about the October LSAT. (This is a good lesson to all you studying for October; paradoxically, the less freaked out you get about how you’ll do, the better you’ll do.) But, like everyone, I need to study. So how does one who’s taught studying the LSAT for nearly five years study for the LSAT?

Honestly, it’s kinda hard. I know, I know, boo-hoo for me. But it’s true. Retaking tests is normally a good idea, but I’ve seen every single LSAT question so many times that I sort of remember every problem the moment I see it. The only time I get to really test my LSAT score is when a new test comes out (this is always an exciting event for loser LSAT instructors such as myself). But I already have taken the latest test. So at this point I’m left retaking old exams to get back into the swing of taking full LSATs in timed conditions, even if they’re not new questions exactly.

So how does all this affect you? Well, in and of itself it doesn’t, and I’m sorry for wasting your time. But what is good news for you guys is that I’ll be giving my impressions of the test as soon as I’m done. I’m lucky enough to be taking it at a location that’s within walking distance from my apartment, so as soon as I’m finished I’ll post something here on the LSAT blog. We can’t let people get too specific, but it’ll be a great place to see how other people feel about it, too. And three weeks later, we can all share LSAT scores!

So check back here on LSAT test day, Saturday, October 6, as soon as you’re done with the test. Until then, keep those practice LSATs coming.