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From the Archives: What to Expect on Your LSAT Date

So you’re not ready for the big leagues of law school letter of recommendation dating yet. That’s fine. Blueprint’s got you covered. We guarantee we’ve got the perfect gal for you to meet on an LSAT date.

Going on an LSAT date may not be what you were hoping for, but it’ll be far from the worst blind date you’ve ever been on.

So what can you expect on your LSAT date?

The Introduction

You show up, not really knowing what to expect. You hope for the best, yet fear for the worst. Your palms are a bit sweaty. You debate the hug versus the hand shake. Will this LSAT date go well?

There she is! You wave it at her so she recognizes you. Here she comes. You grab the No. 2 pencil she told you to bring. It’s time to begin the first section of your LSAT date.

Section 1

What is this girl talking about? Is it even in English? You understand all the words she’s saying, but they don’t seem to make sense when you put them all together.

It’s okay. Just put your head down, drink a bit and you’ll get through this.

What?! You’re not allowed a drink until the break? You just met this girl and already she’s trying to put rules on you! Suddenly this LSAT date has hit its first snag.

Section 2

Finally, she’s starting to make some sense, yet you can’t help but look confused. Eyes squinting, furrowed brow – you just realized how unattractive you must look. You need to maintain the upper hand. Time to take the power back in this LSAT date.

Alright, deep breaths. You can do this. The room has stopped spinning. Now you’re just trying to keep up. She’s jumping from dinosaurs to philosophy to a study done with an A and B group where one replaced calories with beer and another added beer calories. At least you can follow each section individually.

Section 3

She’s asking if you want to get a little experimental (a bold move on a blind LSAT date). After she discusses the mating habits of flamingos, you’re not too sure what she means. You start to clench muscles you didn’t know you had.

While she’s no longer as precise with her language as she was moments ago, and you have a feeling that you might have to utilize this information sometime in the future. You feel safe. It’s time to relax and ride out the rest of this LSAT date.

Section 4

She’s decided she wants to play games with you. You knew this was coming. What would a first LSAT date be without a few games?

Thankful that you brought that No. 2 pencil, you begin to scratch away. She’s got more rules; you’ve got a napkin. I hope you don’t have to erase.

Section 5

You played her games and came out unscathed. Now you’re both in need of a big payoff. But you’re a little tired from the rest of your LSAT date. After fighting for a little while about who’s going to come out on top, you win! You fill in the last bubble (wink, wink?) and put your pencil down.

Writing Sample

Some people smoke a cigarette. Others make a sandwich. You fall asleep. She, however, wants a four-paragraph essay concerning the viability of building a planetarium in two different locations. Cranky, exhausted, and with a cramp in your hand from the last section of your LSAT date, you rattle off whatever comes into your head. No one remembers what happens after the climax anyway, right?

And happily ever after…

You’re a little embarrassed about what happened. You finished a little early and you don’t think you got all the points that you could have. You also haven’t heard from her since your LSAT date. Your mom won’t stop bugging you: “How did the LSAT date go?” “Are you going to go on another LSAT date?” “When are you going to give me LSAT grandchildren?”

Don’t worry. After a month, your LSAT date will give you a call to let you know how you did. And, surprisingly, she’s always up to give you a second chance.

The question is: Are you really willing to sit through another LSAT date?

An original version of this post appeared on the LSAT blog in 2011.