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From the Archives: Handling Multiple Law School Offers

If you applied for admission to the law school class of 2017 you might now find yourself in the enviable position of having to make a decision between multiple offers of admission (yay you!). For the sake of this LSAT blog post, let’s say that you have it narrowed down to two schools. According to Anna Ivey, it’s not a great idea to put down multiple deposits for law school admission. It just confuses those bureaucrats in the law school admissions office anyway. So what’s a soon to be law student to do? Make a f*%#ing decision!

All veiled cussing aside, I’m going to attempt to make your law school admissions decision just a tad bit easier with a list of possibly relevant factors:

Handling Multiple Offers for Law School Admissions Tip I: Location, Location, Location

I know it’s a cliché, but location can be incredibly important in your decision. Firstly, you must consider where you’re going to live while in law school. Do you like the area surrounding the institution that you’re tethered to for the next three years? Is there a good burrito shop nearby? How many coffee shops per capita are there? Where’s the closest bodega? These are all important factors to consider.

The regionality of your law school is also important. In other words, certain law schools draw recruiters from around the nation. Other law schools draw recruiters mostly from within their state. Which kind of law school do you want to go to? If you want to work in the same state as a regional law school, then by all means put your deposit down there. However, if you got accepted to a great school in an area you don’t love, but that school has national pull, the location of the school itself may not matter as much.

Handling Multiple Offers for Law School Admissions Tip II: Outdoor Sports Friendliness

Confession: I am not a fan of winter sports. While I enjoy watching short-track speed skating during the Winter Olympics as much as the next American male, I don’t like falling on my ass in the snow. I like playing golf. Many areas of the nation are not golf-friendly for a solid chunk of the year. Thus, I chose to attend law school on the west coast. And I played golf. And it was excellent. Maybe you don’t care about golf. Maybe you grew up snowboarding every winter. Maybe you enjoy “seasons.” Either way, take your recreational preferences into account when torn between multiple law school offers.

Handling Multiple Offers for Law School Admissions Tip III: Where Did You Want to Go Before You Got Accepted?

Admit it: you had your preference. Just like you were secretly rooting for Justin Guarini to beat Kelly Clarkson during that first season of Idol, you had a mental law school hierarchy as soon as your law school applications found their way out of the data assembly service and onto law school admissions office desks around the nation. Think back to that innocent time. Where were you secretly hoping to get in the most? Where were you “okay” with going if you didn’t get into your reach schools? Where did you apply just because your parents made you? Search deep within and you shall find your answers. And if you don’t, I will force you to listen to this song until you make a decision.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s always a seasonally inappropriate James Brown song. But let’s be honest, the Godfather of Soul knows no season.

An original version of this post ran on Most Strongly Supported in 2012.