FREE Kindle version of ‘The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games’!!!

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    Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.

    Put on your Santa Claus hats, boys and girls, because Christmas has come early this year! No, Ryan Gosling isn’t taking you to the senior dance and Kim Kardashian isn’t balancing another glass of champagne on her derriere. But we are giving away the Kindle version of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games! For free!!!

    That’s right. The giveaway begins today on Monday, July 20th at 10AM PST and ends on Friday, July 24th at 5PM PST. These are strict deadlines so don’t dally!

    How to obtain your copy:

    • Like us on Facebook. Yep, we’re shamelessly trolling for social media love. Once you’ve done that:
    • Send an email to with the subject line Games Book Giveaway and your full name so we can check that you liked us on Facebook.* We’ll also use this email address to send you the book by the end of the week and to remind you about a month from now to:
    • Write an honest, unbiased review of the book on Amazon, Google Books, or another site (we’ll send you the link along with the request for a review).

    You don’t have to own a Kindle in order to get a free copy of the book! You just need the Kindle App, available at the Apple Store or Google Play.

    A word about the book:

    You can always go to our website to check out additional information about the book. Stuff like that it was written by Blueprint Principal Matt Riley (179 LSAT score, turned down Harvard Law School to found BP, has helped thousands of LSAT students raise their scores), comes with animated videos for all 35 games in the book, is quite humorous, and other nifty stuff.

    Now, you may ask why we’re doing such a nice thing for you folks, and the truth is we do want you to benefit from the book as the assiduous LSAT takers you are. But we also want to heighten awareness about the book, get some good reviews for the book on sites like Amazon, and to induct a new class of neophytes into the Blueprint solar system so you’ll know just how awesome we really are at the LSAT.

    That’s it! Oh, except don’t forget to tell your friends.

    *Yes, you’ll be subjected to a newsletter from BP when we get your email address, but you can unsubscribe right away. And, who knows, you may actually like the newsletter – it’s full of useful LSAT, application, and law school information.

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