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Final June LSAT Registration Deadline Today: Are You Ready?

You must register through the LSAC’s website or by phone by midnight tonight if you want to take the June LSAT. If you can come up with the correct diagram* for the contrapositive of the last sentence, you might be in good shape for the June LSAT, but there are some other skills you should have learned by now, as well.

What You Should Know if You’re Ready for the June LSAT

Your best practice LSAT score is still ahead of you. We still have three and a half weeks of prep time for the June LSAT. So, you shouldn’t let your current practice LSAT scores determine whether or not you’re ready to merely register for the June LSAT. At this point you’re probably still struggling with timing. If your accuracy is pretty high (the ratio of correct answer choices to questions attempted), you’re going to enjoy a pretty sizable LSAT score improvement once you get your timing down.

If your current practice LSAT score is not a great indicator of your readiness, how do you decide if you’re supposed to register for the June LSAT? Well, here are some skills you should have acquired in some measure by now:

• Identifying Logical Reasoning question types by prompt
• Identifying Necessary and Sufficient keywords
• Identifying Logical Force and using it appropriately
• Breaking down arguments into premises and conclusions
• Identifying and not committing Logical Reasoning flaws
• Strengthening and weakening causal claims
• Combining and simplifying Ordering and Grouping rules
• Playing the numbers
• Identifying opportunities for scenarios
• Marking up and tagging Reading Comprehension passages
• Anticipating the main point For Reading Comprehension passages

You probably don’t have all of the above skills mastered, and that’s just fine. However, if you feel like you don’t know how to do any of the above tasks, then the June LSAT is not for you. You cannot cram for the LSAT. Don’t be upset, there’s always the October LSAT. If you feel pretty good about most of the above skills, then you should register for the June LSAT. Remember, registering for the June LSAT is merely necessary and not sufficient for taking it. You can still change your mind about taking the June LSAT by 11:59 on the night before the June LSAT.

Some Other LSAC Deadlines For Your Calendar

You have until 11:59 p.m. this Sunday (May 19) to change your LSAT test center location. You should look up your June LSAT test center in our LSAT blog guide to Blueprint Prep-area June LSAT test centers. If it sounds like your June LSAT test center is noisy and offers only small desks, then you should find a better one. Making this change will cost you an extra $35, but it is definitely worth it.

If you decide to postpone the June LSAT, you’ll have to make that change by May 26 — but it will cost you $80.

If the approaching June LSAT has you stressed out, it might be time for you to take a mental-health day. Go have a night out, spend the day cuddling with your dogs, or browse cute pictures of cats online. Whatever you do, make sure you stay far away from complex conditionals and their contrapositives!

* Registered By Phone AND Registered Online —-> Take June LSAT