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Fight Aspiring Law Student Panic by RSVPing to this Wednesday’s Webinars


Is the law school admission cycle sneaking up on you? Has it recently dawned on you that not only is the September LSAT almost here, but if you want to take the December LSAT you need to get a move on it ASAP? Do you wake up in a sweat from dreams of getting your applications in too late? You may have Aspiring Law Student Panic.

There’s no easy cure for ALSP, but there is an effective treatment. We’re here to help. We have two webinars this Wednesday to help you get started on your path back to sanity, and while you’re at it, they’ll help with your path to law school, too.

First, at noon PDT, we have an LSAT seminar. You’ll get to learn about the test and how it’s used in law school admissions. You’ll even get to try a few questions and learn a strategy or two in the process. This webinar will be presented by Ross Rinehart, Blueprint instructor extraordinaire who’s taught more LSAT students than you can shake a fist at (don’t try). He also happens to have used the 170 he scored after taking a Blueprint class to make his way to law school at USC. Here’s the link to RSVP (and you do need to RSVP). You know you want to click it. Don’t fight the urge.

Second, at 6PM PDT, Kyle Gehrmann will present a Law School Admissions Workshop. Have you wondered how all of the ingredients in your law school application figure into law schools’ decisions whether to admit you? This seminar will cover everything you ever wanted to know about law school admissions, and maybe even a few things you didn’t know you needed to know. You’ll cover admissions timelines, personal statements, explanatory essays, letters of recommendation, and resumes. You’ll also learn about how law schools use your LSAT score and GPA in combination with the written elements of your application to make decisions. Your fearless leader, Kyle, is a Blueprint LSAT instructor extraordinaire and University of Chicago law school alum. You’ll be in the most capable virtual hands around. Here’s the link to RSVP.

Not only will these webinars help alleviate your ALSP by setting you down the right path, you’ll get a $300 discount off our in-person Blueprint classroom course and a $75 discount on the first month of the online subscription course.

Don’t wait around. These events are coming up soon. If you miss them, your ALSP will only get worse.