Feeling The Feels: Two Weeks From The LSAT

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    We have two weeks until the September LSAT.

    I often see similar intellectual and emotional reactions in students at this point in their LSAT prep – people start to get little nutty. “I wonder how well I’d score on the LSAT if I just took some amphetamines?” “If my LSAT instructor threw on a wig and wore a dress, he could just take the test for me!”

    Not to worry: it’s completely normal to feel anxious or even miserable at this point. For most of you, your highest practice LSAT scores are still about a week away. But without a reassuring practice test score or two, thinking of taking the real thing is quite unnerving.

    You may be thinking, “If I’m not where I want to be right now, should I just postpone?” No. It’s still too early to decide if you’re ready to take the September LSAT.

    Two weeks before the LSAT tends to be just about the most stressful time in LSAT prep. If you’ve been hitting the books hard, this is also the best time to take a day or two off. Sleep in. Get some sun. Pet every freaking dog you come across. And don’t forget how important exercise and eating well are to your LSAT prep.

    After you rest up, you can get back to LSAT prep with full force, unhampered by self-doubt and lack of sleep.

    Some of you might have already hit your ideal practice test scores weeks ago and are itching to take the actual LSAT. My advice for you LSAT prep superstars is to keep taking practice tests. A practice test every other day will help keep you confident and sharp.

    Taking the LSAT is like an athletic performance. You may have some objective level of athletic ability but the only thing that counts is how well you play on game day. If you see a sampling issue there, you’re right. An unrepresentative performance is entirely possible. That’s why even Kobe has to keep practicing his layups.

    If you’re just burnt out on LSAT questions, browse around the LSAT blog. We have a ton of fun LSAT resources in our archives, like this LSAT diagramming quiz, or our LSAT flaws in real life series.

    So flush your amphetamines and put away that wig. You’ll be alright. It’s just the LSAT messing with your mind. Good luck!

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