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February LSAT: The Morning Cometh


You had your date with the February LSAT yesterday. You gave it hours of undivided attention, and it kicked you out with nothing more than a vague promise to email in a few weeks.

From the rumors I’m hearing about yesterday’s test, LSAC needs to get a little more creative with the subject matter. A Reading Comp passage about Dark Matter? Again? And yet another game about cars? You can do better, LSAC.

But all that isn’t terribly important. Most LSAT test takers would gladly answer Reading Comp questions about purple dinosaurs on children’s television as long as they reached their target score. I’m hearing that the February LSAT seemed easier than the last few LSATs to a lot of people. There were hard questions, as always. Some people found a few Logical Reasoning questions especially puzzling. But on the whole, there’s no mass freakout about any one thing from yesterday’s test.

If this test really was easier, the score conversion table (or “curve”) will reflect that. Since it’s a February LSAT, we’ll never know. In a few weeks, test takers will get their scores, and nothing else. No copies of the test, no item response report with right and wrong answers, nothing but a score. The February 2015 LSAT will live on only in the dim memories of those who took it.

If you’re not feeling great about yesterday, you may be wondering whether you should cancel your score. Don’t do that yet. Sleep on it at least one more night. We’ll have a blog post up tomorrow about making that decision. You have until Friday, anyway.

For now, no matter how you feel about the test, celebrate: you’re done. Reconnect with long-neglected friends, family, and pets. Spend some time doing things you haven’t been able to do because you were studying for the LSAT. But first, share your thoughts in the comment section: how are you feeling about the February LSAT now that it’s the morning after?