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February LSAT 2024 Predictions

With the February LSAT just around the corner, it’s time to dive into some predictions and tips for test day! The February LSAT is usually the final LSAT you can take and still meet this cycle’s law school application deadlines, so the stakes are just slightly higher. 

But don’t worry. We’re here to make sure you’re fully prepared for test day with no surprises.

What Will Be on the February LSAT?

Logical Reasoning

The name of the game with the Logical Reasoning Section is maintaining forward momentum as you approach the questions. 

While there are some particularly time-consuming questions, such as parallel and parallel flaw questions near the end of the section, Logical Reasoning also provides you with more straightforward questions earlier on. You can expect the first 10 or so questions to be primarily lower difficulty, and the last 10 to be tougher. 

If a question seems challenging or time-consuming, you can always skip it and come back once you know how much time you have left. What you don’t want is the pressure or time investment of a tough question to snowball into missed opportunities on other questions. Give yourself the freedom to move on and make an educated guess. 

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Reading Comprehension

The majority of Reading Comprehension questions will focus on the author’s stance on the issues presented in the passage and the viewpoints expressed. 

As with Logical Reasoning arguments, the LSAT cares less about the subject matter of the details in a passage and much more about the relationship between different parts of the passage and the viewpoints expressed. 

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In general, the more viewpoints that are expressed, the more questions will center around those viewpoints.  The fewer viewpoints there are, the more likely the questions will focus on the nuance and support structure.

You can also expect a handful of questions testing your understanding of specific details.  However, even in these instances, you want to focus primarily on the main point and big picture of the passage.  Even the most detail-oriented questions tend to test your understanding of the viewpoints and the support for those viewpoints.

Logic Games

The countdown is on. Only a few more tests until the Logic Games Section is removed after the June 2024 LSAT. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for February LSAT test takers, we still need to follow rules and arrange things into specific patterns this month.

So what can you expect to see on the February LSAT Logic Games Section? Keep your eyes open for a tiered ordering game, a combo game, and some form of grouping game. You also might get one game with wrinkles or twists that seem to mix up the traditional ordering or grouping formula.  If you find a rule or element that seems novel, try to translate that rule into a more standard one. 

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Overall, the LSAT is designed to be a challenging, but fair, test.  This means that the difference between the right and wrong answer will often come down to what is objectively wrong about the wrong answers and not what is subjectively “best” about one of the answers. 

If there’s ambiguity or grey area in part of an answer, is there a more definitive part of the answer that you can use to eliminate it? One way you can eliminate answers is through the use of logical force

No LSAT question is designed to take a disproportionately long amount of time at the expense of other questions. Your job on test day is to give yourself the best chance to get the most points on the most questions. Educated guesses or imperfect understandings are essential to not getting thrown off your game on test day.   

Keep your momentum going, be flexible when you’re stuck, and don’t feel the need to tackle every single question.

Good luck!

P.S. Decided to reschedule your February LSAT? Or simply getting familiar with the test before your test date later this year? We can help maximize your prep time!

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