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February LSAT Deadlines Kick Off Today

Have you longed to take part in the mystery of the February LSAT? If it’s been your dream to take an LSAT that no one will ever be able to see the contents of after LSAT test day, the February LSAT is your ticket. And no matter your reasons for taking the February LSAT, if you intend to take the LSAT this February 9 and you haven’t yet signed up, today is the day: the regular registration deadline for the February LSAT.

Your registration needs to be received today, which means that you’ll need to register for the LSAT online or by phone. You’ll have to cut the US Postal Service out of the equation, and I understand if that makes you sad. But it isn’t 1998 anymore; you really should just register for the LSAT online. You won’t have to tap your foot impatiently through the whooshing, sputtering and beeping of your 56k modem to find out the latest salacious details of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The year’s number one song isn’t “Too Close” by Next, and no one is rushing to the theaters to see Saving Private Ryan. Plus, I’ll take the fact that you’re reading this as an indication that you have some kind of reliable Internet access.

If you miss today’s February LSAT deadline, all hope is not yet lost. You can register for the February LSAT up until January 18. The difference is that after today LSAC will consider your registration late. You’ll be charged an extra $69 for their trouble in squeezing you onto the list so close to LSAT test day. If you’re in Canada, that’ll be $70.

The deadline to change your LSAT test center or LSAT test date is two days later — January 20. This isn’t your final out: you can also withdraw your LSAT registration up until midnight EST the night before the LSAT, February 8.

Be sure to check out the complete list of dates and deadlines for the February LSAT, as well as the complete list of related February LSAT fees.

Happy LSAT studies.