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February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers

Just a couple days ago, thousands of students sat for the December LSAT. And as they await their LSAT scores, the LSAT wheel now turns to focus on those taking the February LSAT. But you winter babies would do well to learn from the trials of your December brethren. Here are six pieces of advice December LSAT students would give February LSAT students.

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers I: Schedule out your LSAT study time

People studying for the December LSAT faced a number of obstacles – working around Thanksgiving, dealing with college classes, etc. February LSAT students are no different. You have to plan out your LSAT study time in advance, because if you’re a student you’ll already have to be working around finals, and there’s also Christmas and New Years to contend with. You can’t afford to take long breaks in your LSAT prep.

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers II: Sign up for the February LSAT early

The December LSAT sees fewer test-takers than the June LSAT, and the February LSAT has fewer still. This means that options are not as various when it comes to LSAT testing centers, and they can fill up unpredictably. So if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for the February LSAT right now. Were you to wait a few more weeks, you might find yourself left with very few options. LSAC would have no problem making you travel up to 100 miles to take the February LSAT.

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers III: Think about the law school application cycle

December LSAT prep students have to pay extra close attention to the law school application timeline, because they don’t get their LSAT scores back until early January. This means that it’s ideal for them to apply the day LSAT scores finally do come in. February LSAT test-takers are in an even stickier situation. You need to think in advance about where that puts you, law school application-wise. If you’re planning on applying in Fall 2013 for enrollment in Fall 2014, then you’ve got plenty of time, and you can totally forget about other law school application elements until February. But if you’re applying to start law school in Fall 2013, then you have to really investigate your options. Many law schools won’t accept an LSAT score that late, and those that do will often fully admit that it hurts your chances. Another option some people take is to apply for spring admission in 2014. Either way, you need to have all the information before your February LSAT score comes back.

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers IV: Dress in layers

This might seem a bit more trivial, but it’s important. Like December LSAT prep students, February LSAT test-takers will likely be taking the exam in unpleasant weather, and you never know what your LSAT testing center’s climate controls will be like. The heater may be broken, giving the whole ordeal a more arctic flavor. On the other hand, we’ve heard of LSAT test centers where the proctors didn’t know how to turn the heaters off, creating more of a sauna-like environment. Be ready for anything, and wear many different layers (just no hoods).

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers V: Live with uncertainty

This is the biggest thing December LSAT test-takers are going through right now. They’re finding themselves waiting nearly a month to know how they did. Soon enough, you February LSAT test takers will be in the same boat, but with a cruel twist. When you finally do get your LSAT score back, that’ll be all you get. The February LSAT is the one administration that is non-disclosed. The joy that is going over all your mistakes, which now seem so obvious in retrospect, is one you will not get to experience. This is unfortunate, but has no real consequences; your LSAT score is your LSAT score, and that’s all law schools care about. So don’t let this be a reason not to take the February LSAT.

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers VI: Go study right now!

One thing that your December LSAT peers could tell you is that the more you study the better, so now that you’ve learned from them, get back to work!