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Down the Home Stretch of your LSAT Journey

The LSAT is nearly here! We’re just five days away from the most important test of the week! Before you know it this will all be behind you. But how to spend this last week?

The name of the game is moderation. You might feel the need to do all-day marathons of study, but that’s actually not the best idea. Your main goal is maintaining your mental health, and burning yourself out isn’t a good way to do that. You should do a few more tests this week, and take the time to review them, but this week should be less hectic than the last few months have been.

For the tests you do take, try to take them in as realistic settings as possible. If you can, begin them around 9:30 AM, as that’s roughly the time you’ll begin your test on Saturday. Also, try to take them somewhere outside of your comfort zone to get ready for the big day. After taking these tests, review them right away to figure out why you missed the ones you did.

If you perform poorly, don’t stress about it. Rather, view it as a learning experience. Were you tired? Hungry? Unfocused? Rushing? Figure it out, and it’ll be less likely to happen on test day.

If you haven’t already, do a run-through of your testing center. Find out where it is, where you can park, where you report, and anything else you’ll need to know. Just having a mental image of the place before you go will be a big stress reliever.

Get everything together for test day. Go over everything you can and cannot bring on the day of the LSAT. Pick out your drink and your snack. While you’re at it, plan your breakfast, too. It might sound silly, but that’s one less thing to worry about.

Do yourself a favor, and take Friday off. Really, don’t do any work at all. Plan something fun. Maybe exercise so that you can fall asleep easily that night. Keep yourself occupied, distracted, calm, and relaxed. Your best LSAT prep for Friday is no LSAT prep.

Then wake up, take the test, and you’re done. Five more days.