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Don’t Panic, But the June LSAT is One Month Away

Here’s a phrase that oughta make you shudder just a bit: The June LSAT is exactly one month away. Spooky, I know. Not as spooky as the inexplicable success of the Twilight Saga, but pretty damn close (it doesn’t get spookier than sparkly vampires).

What should a person such as yourself be doing right now? If you’re reading this during normal waking hours, then the answer is the following: studying. Of course, you could mix in the occasional meal or trip to the gym, but you need to put the schnoz to the grindstone.

Now is the time for you to firm up all those soft spots in your LSAT prep. Focus on the basics. Make sure your foundation is solid. You can’t have a nuanced understanding of the more obscure LSAT question types until you have a full understanding of the least obscure. Don’t worry about time. That can come in a couple weeks. Worry about technique. Once you can quickly identify LSAT question types and employ proper technique without having to think about it, speed will come.

Another oft-neglected item of interest: sleep. Yes, getting enough is important. But even more important is getting it at the right time. You need to train your body and mind to be ready for test taking at the proper time of day. For those of you used to sleeping in, breathe a sigh of relief. The LSAT is administered at 12:30 p.m. For those of you used to sleeping waaaaaaaaaaaaay in, adjust your schedule. I’d also recommend getting used to eating an early lunch so you don’t have a food coma right before your begin on LSAT test day.

What else should you be doing in your final month before the June LSAT? Not worrying too much about your LSAT score. Remember, you haven’t even learned everything there is to learn yet. Of course you’re going to run into the occasional stumper. It’s okay. You’ll survive. If you work as hard in your LSAT prep as you’re supposed to you’ll feel much more confident in a couple weeks. And it couldn’t hurt to lay off the brown liquor either.