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Don’t Miss Out on Our Two LSAT Webinars Tomorrow!


Before we could harness the power of the internet to bring LSAT content directly to you, the industrious future attorney, some of the older LSAT knowers at Blueprint had to pile into a used Ford Econoline and hit the road, trekking all across this nation, dropping kernels of LSAT knowledge wherever we could. Like some weird, legal-themed Johnny Appleseeds. By the time we would reach the east coast, the van’s brakes would be shot, along with our patience for each other and our tolerance for a diet of gas station gastronomy.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do that anymore. Now, when we want to bring the best information on the LSAT and our LSAT courses to future J.D.s, we can use the magic of the internet to host web seminars — which the youths call “webinars,” I’m told — to bring that content directly to you. And tomorrow, August 7th, we’ll be bringing two more webinars to you. And you don’t have to look for a dusty Econoline van outfitted with Blueprint decals to get this information — you can watch these webinars from the comfort of your wifi-enabled home.

And we’re not only going to be bringing the gift of great information on the LSAT. We’ll also be bearing the best gift of all: cold, hard cash discounts. By attending either webinar, you’ll receive a promo codes good for $300 off any of Blueprint’s industry-leading classroom courses and $75 off the first month of a subscription to Blueprint’s best-in-class online course. You just have to RSVP to secure your space. Which you can do here. Or at the links to either webinar below. And speaking of those webinars, here’s some more information on each:

LSAT Webinar: Tuesday, August 7, at 11 am PT

The first of our two webinars will cover everything you need to know to start studying for the LSAT. Veteran Blueprint LSAT instructor Ross Rinehart — an LSAT knower so knowledgeable (and dorky) that he can spend 1400 words mourning a question that’s not even really on the LSAT anymore — will cover what’s on the LSAT, how it’s scored, and how law schools factor your LSAT score into your overall application. You’ll even have the opportunity to learn a few useful concepts for the LSAT and practice employing them on some real LSAT problems.

Logic Games Webinar: Tuesday, August 7, at 5 pm PT

The second webinar will zero in on the most intimidating part of the LSAT: the dreaded Logic Games section. Another experienced Blueprint instructor — the incomparable Kyle Gehrmann — will breakdown the frequently convoluted world of Logic Games into something comprehensible. You’ll even have an opportunity to do some actual games, to see how these puzzles can be solved.

So don’t forget to RSVP to these webinars — space is limited, and you don’t want to miss out on the great information we’ll be providing, or those discounts!