Don’t Freak Out About Your First LSAT Practice Exam Score

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    Most Blueprint LSAT Prep live courses for the spring started on Sunday. This is big time super fun news for our students as they embark on their journey to a big time super fun June LSAT score. But as far as journeys go, this can be a rather traumatic one. If you’ve never taken an LSAT before, it’s a punishingly difficult test that’s incredibly long and tiring to boot. As you take it for the first time, you generally have no idea what the hell’s going on as you frantically bubble in those 125 multiple choice answers. When it’s finally over you stumble home in a daze, grade your LSAT practice exam, then get your LSAT score.

    At this point, most people panic. Feelings of dread and uncertainty fill you when you see that your LSAT score is lower than you’d like. Like, way lower. Like, “Jesus Christ, oh, Jesus Christ” lower than you’d like. But that’s normal, so don’t freak out, and don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

    You can greatly increase your LSAT score; that’s why you’re taking an LSAT prep course. If your LSAT score is in fact much lower than you hoped, that just means that you need to be extra diligent about making plenty of time to study. Get ready to ditch your friends, break up with your significant others, and sell your pets. If, as sometimes rarely happens, your LSAT score is much higher than you expected, you should still study a ton. There’s no “right” LSAT score, so if you can raise your LSAT score to even greater heights than you may have expected, you should. But just know that everyone hates you.

    Other than letting it give you a kick of motivation, you shouldn’t spend much time worrying about the first LSAT practice exam. Like with many traumatic experiences, it should be reflected on, but then quickly forgotten. People often want to go over every single miss, but you have no idea what you were doing. There’d be no point in trying to review strategies that you haven’t learned yet. It would be like trying to learn German by just reading Kant’s Kritik der reinen Vernunft again and again. You’d have no clue what you were looking at, and you’d slowly go insane. Once you’ve graded that first LSAT practice exam, you can forget about it forever.

    So regardless of your initial LSAT score, the task in front of you is now clear. You can see three magic numbers that are significantly higher than the car wreck that occurred on this first one, but only if you’re ready and willing to really buckle down and make this happen. We’re here to help. Let’s do this thing.

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