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Do not take this class

A warning

A student recently told me a bit about the class he had taken before working with Next Step on the LSAT.  I won’t mention the name of the company offering this course for legal reasons, but suffice it to say do not take a class like this.

Apparently, the class had about 30 people in it.  Some were there in preparation for the LSAT, and others were preparing for the GMAT.  (They were not JD/MBA candidates interested in taking both).  There were periodical “break-out sessions” to focus on games versus the GMAT math section, but the verbal section was taught to the class as a whole.

This led to, among other things, a course booklet devoting significant time to sentence completion, something that does not appear on the LSAT at all but on which the student apparently had to spend valuable time.

Your LSAT prep is more important than this.  The company offering a course like this is communicating that it cares about filling a big classroom, not about preparing students.  I’m leery of big classes, but this takes the cake for sheer student contempt.