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Diving Back Into June LSAT Prep After Memorial Day Weekend

How was that long weekend? Relaxing? Did you fire up a grill? How does it feel if I tell you that Memorial Day also marked two weeks to go before the June LSAT?

Not so great, you say?

It’s time to get back to studying. If you took some time off over the weekend, that isn’t necessarily fatal. It can even be good to get your mind off the LSAT for a little bit. Now your task is to make the most of these next two weeks.

If you didn’t take one over the weekend, start with a full LSAT practice test. Then, review it. When you’re done with that, review some more. It’s easy to succumb to the temptation to take LSAT practice test after LSAT practice test in hopes that your score will climb. But even at this late stage, the most important thing is to review what you’ve been doing. Ideally, you should feel comfortable explaining any of the questions you missed, or weren’t sure about.

If you’re feeling panicked about the impending LSAT, channel that panic into productive work on the test. There’s still time to fix things, to brush up on areas of weakness, and to practice taking full LSAT practice tests. It’s more important that you do everything you do thoroughly than that you do tons and tons of it. Quality over quantity. Again, careful review is paramount.

You’ll have to spend lots of time on the LSAT over the next two weeks. Your social life will suffer. But take care of yourself. Eat well. Get some exercise. Get some approximation of enough sleep. Your LSAT score will be better for it.

Finally, keep in mind that Monday, June 9 isn’t just a deadline. If things go right over these next two weeks, it’ll also be the end of your long, strained, demanding, emotionally unequal relationship with the LSAT. And what better way to start summer than by kicking the LSAT to the curb?